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Our signs are made of Michigan's White Pine. We select our wood so that the amount and the size of the knots are at a minimum.  It's aproximately 1.50" thick for long term stability and warpage from outside elements.Signs are made to your custom needs and are carved deep into the wood, painted  and than double coated with either a sickens or uv protectant coating for added durability. We also add a rope on each sign for immediate hanging unless otherwise specified. post stands are made of white cedar and finished with a clear uv protectant coating. They are approximately 36" high and signs are 5.50" x 15" x 1" thick and are of white pine. The White pine signs are 7.50" x 24", 10" x 24", 12" x 24 " and can be finished with either stain and a uv protectant coating or the sickens coating. 

Little Cedar Woodcarvings Services
At Little Cedar Woodcarvings, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order from 9-5 , 6 days a week. We  are professional, courteous and efficient.
Design Proof
Once payment has been recieved we will begin the design process. We will send or e-mail design proof for your approval. When you approve your design, we will start  to carve the sign. We then paint, stain and finish the sign. We  usually ship within  10 days from start to finish, as it takes time for stains, paints, and coatings to dry in order to ship. We will send an e-mail once we ship from Little Cedar Woodcarvings. Here is an example of the design proof vs. the acompleted sign. click on image to enlarge.
Most popular fonts we use are Cuckoo, invitation, and signboard. We can use any windows font available. Our designer may choose a similar font if the one you choose is unavailable.
Since all signs are custom made with design proof approval prior to carving the actual piece, there should be no need for returns other than artist error. If you have any concerns we will try to accomodate you. If artist error occurs please ship original back and we will replace flawed piece. If a refund is in order than original piece must be sent back before we can refund  money from order.
Custom Designs
Credit card logos
If you have your own ideas on graphics for a sign please feel free to call or e-mail us and let us help you design a sign for you.
Preview sent to customers for approvel
finished sign from preview
​Checking or Cracking in Cedar Logs
3Post Stands are made of Northern White Cedar logs that are subject to a process that the log furniture industry calls checking or cracking. The degree of the checking will vary from log to log. It can range from a very slight slivers to cracks running the full length of the log. In either case this is completely normal as the wood releases moisture across the growth rings.This by no means makes the stucture of the log weaker. It however adds to the beauty of the log in making it look more rustic looking. click on image below to view checking or cracks.
Size and Placement of knots
All our signs are made of Northern White Pine. We purchase our pine from local mills in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. In the process of cutting for the sign we grade the wood to keep the knots to a minumin. Please refer to the gallery and you will see that great care is taken in the placement of the knot when laying out the sign. 
Causes of Discoloration in wood
The most comman stain in white pine is the bluish or gray sap stain. This is caused by a wood staining fungi growing in the sap. As lumber dries the fungi starts an oxidation process brought on by exposure to the atmosphere. This is simular to browing of a cut apple. This again  adds to the rustic look of the product.